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Let’s Play Modded ARK: Survival Evolved – Modded – S1E14 – Building a Taming Pen

As I was trying to find some things to tame for my PvP base, I suddenly realised I didn’t even have a taming pen! Time to fix that, and I’ve build mine partly based on a design I’ve seen from Timmy Carbine.

So, when building a PvP base, what do you need? Well … you need walls, some defence in the form of turrets, and of course … some dino’s to defend your base. Time to go find some PvP worthy dinosaurs. But where will I knock them down and tame them? Where I find them? That’s an option, but as I’ve learned it can be pretty dangerous. Not only can other dinosaurs attack you, but there is also a chance dino’s might attack your tame and thus lower it’s taming efficiency.

A great idea is to bring the wild dinosaur to a safe spot and knock it down in all safety. But still … you should set up some fences around your tame. Another idea is to build what we call a dinosaur taming pen. A walled taming pen where you can easily drop your wild dinosaurs off, and shoot them with tranquillisers from behind the safety of some wooden walls and windows. I have seen some nice dino taming pen ideas and probably borrowed some of them in my own taming pen build. My idea was to have two levels from where I can shoot my prey. A lower level for the smaller dinosaurs and a second level for the bigger or more dangerous creatures. It turned out pretty well as you will see in the video. I did try it out, sadly I lost that footage …

As I mentioned in the video, I borrowed some ideas from this video by Timmy Carbine : Ark:SE YMCArk Server S1E10 New Taming Pen

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