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Granite SDK will power Wargaming’s upcoming titles

Wargaming and Graphine today announced that the established game developer and publisher has licensed the texture streaming middleware Granite SDK for their upcoming titles. Wargaming is best known for their free-to-play franchise World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships. Graphine is a well-known Belgian middleware company and software service provider that offers tools to game developers and VFX companies.

“The Graphine team has over twenty years of industry and academic experience with texture streaming and compression technology for real-time rendering” Aljosha Demeulemeester, Graphine’s CEO mentions “We’re very excited to partner up with the experienced team at Wargaming and work with them to build an all-round texture streaming system for their future projects.”

Granite SDK is a middleware that can integrate into any game engine. It automatically loads texture data from the disk into the video memory where it is needed. It includes a set of tools that transform the content that the artists in the game studios create into a compressed format optimized for streaming from disk. This technology allows game developers to increase their graphics quality while decreasing the game loading times and the amount of memory it uses.

“Ultra-high resolution textures are a key component in building the dense, highly realistic graphics that our players expect“, says James Loe, Technical Director at Wargaming. “Granite SDK allows us to create this content without needing to worry about memory or streaming issues. The Graphine team is a great partner that makes sure that their tools fit perfectly into our workflow. They are open to adding new features when needed and deliver updates on a tight schedule that matches our business and development needs extremely well.”

Granite is available as a standalone SDK that can integrate into any engine and as a plugin for Unreal Engine and Unity3D. For more information, please visit: http://graphinesoftware.com/blog/wargaming-upcoming-titles-will-be-powered-granite-sdk

Interesting tidbit … Graphins is actually a Belgian graphics middleware company based in the historic center of Ghent!  Graphine specializes in texture streaming and texture compression technologies for the video game and 3D visualization industries.

You can apply for an evaluation version at http://graphinesoftware.com/products/granite-sdk


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