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Homefront: The Revolution will be released this week!

Deep Silver and Dambuster Studio’s have announced that the new first person shooter Homefront: The Revolution will be released this week!

Homefront: The Revolution

This unique, story driven shooters is available as of today in the US and will be available on May 20 in Europe and the rest of the world. Players take the role of a resistance fighter, and together with a handful of other determined characters, you will fight to free Philadelphia from oppression.

With Homefront: The Revolution we brought a reboot of the Homefront-franchise with a brand new open world shooter with asymmetric guerrilla warfare. And if that wasn’t enough we also created a deep storyline about defending our values, our country and our society, topics which are hotter than ever. Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, CEO van Koch Media

Expansion Pass

The Expansion Pass includes access to the three currently planned single player campaign expansions, and unlocks some exclusive bonuses for use in Homefront’s online co-operative experience known as Resistance  Mode!

  • Coming in 2016, The Voice of Freedom and Aftermath will both add new districts and several hours of original single-player content that complement Homefront’s huge 30-hour campaign.
  • A much larger expansion – Beyond the Walls – will follow in 2017, with more details to follow.

Expansion Pass holders also benefit from these Resistance Mode perks:

  •  ‘Supply Line’ entitles players to a FREE Resistance Crate each week, just for logging into Resistance  Mode
  •  ‘The Right Kind of School’ unlocks three new starting backgrounds for your Resistance Mode character : ‘ATF Agent’, ‘G-Man’ and ‘U.S. Marshall’

Co-op Resistance Mode

If the 30 hour single player campaign isn’t enough, then you’ll have a blast in the co-op Resistance Mode feature, with 6 missions. In June even more missions will be added to the Resistance Mode. And if that isn’t enough … all Resistance Mode missions will be free,a nd Dambuster Studios will add even more free high quality content to the game.


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