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Let’s Play Modded ARK: Survival Evolved – Modded – S1E15 – Building a PvP Base

It is time to start thinking about a PvP base, and so it all began … In this episode I will give you a little update on the Pyramid Base and show you my progress on the PvP Base.

It is about time I started working on the PvP Base, and so I did … This week I already set up a few things in the cave I will be using for my PvP Base. Currently I closed off one of the entrances using a Behemoth gate. Behind that behemoth gate, there is now and empty room which will be filled with my primary defences.

This room is also meant to funnel my enemies into a compact area which will lie behind a metal door. That area is now starting to look like a little bunker. I did place some auto turrets around it, and made sure I can supply the turrets with bullets. Everything is built inside a metal cage where my enemies will be squashed together so the turrets can shoot them down easily … well …

You will have to watch the video and you will see the stupid n00b PvP mistake I made. In all honesty, the auto turret tooltip confused me, but hey … that’s what every PvP n00b will tell you !

Of course, for the time begin, this is only a first rough setup. I still have to do a lot of work on the other entrance of the cave, since that is still completely open for now. I am thinking about building a similar setup on that side too. Heck, I could even add a little harbour out there which could be my primary line of defence!

Being a PvP n00b, I know I probably did things completely wrong, and if I did … feel free to let me know. If you like this video or have any suggestions or comments, feel free to let me know in the comments below. Feel free to share, like and subscribe to our brand new YouTube Channel!

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