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Let’s Play Modded ARK: Survival Evolved – Modded – S1E15 – Taming a Raptor

A PvP base isn’t a PvP base without some dino’s protecting the area … In this episode I will be going out, hunt down and tame a Raptor.

Now that the PvP base is getting build, it’s time to think about some PvP dino’s too. I have a little idea, but I won’t be spoiling it all yet. It does involve some PvP dinosaurs for protection. In order to get the dinosaurs I will be trying to get a high level male and a female Raptor, Wolf, Rhinoceros and maybe even some Scorpions. Where possible I would like to breed with those in order to get some more of them. Breeding is  something I haven’t done yet in Ark, so it’s time to check that out too.

Of course … the hunt didn’t go as expected … heck … this is ARK: Survival Evolved after all. Once I arrived at Dead Island, I started my search for a high level raptor. Sadly, the only things I could find were low level ones. Typical … when you want to record something you can’t find it, but I bet you I’ll get attacked by an 840 raptor next time when I’m trying to tame a scorpion. After almost 2 hours of searching I found a level 700+ female raptor and settled with that one.

This time I was well prepared. Not only did I bring meat, kibble, my gun and darts, but I also brought one of those big cages along. This proved to be very helpful, since I could drop the wild raptor in there, knock it out and tame it in the safety of the cage. Once the raptor tamed up, I even went on a little hunt with it.

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