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Let’s Play Modded ARK: Survival Evolved : S1E08 – Building an Aztec Pyramid

As you might have noticed, our starter hut is getting too small. Time to start building our PvE base, and I’ve decided to try and build an Aztec Pyramid type structure in ARK: Survival Evolved.

By now, my little starting cabin on the beach is becoming a bit too small. Our Last Ark server has so many interesting Mods in place, and I’m running out of room to build the necessary equipment to start playing with those. Additionally, I have been taming so many dodo’s, dilo’s, pteranodons and other dinosaurs, that it’s getting very crowded outside.

Since some bugs and other dilo’s tend to spawn near my starting hut from time to time, I have to leave all my dino’s on netral, so they can at least defend themselves when something attacks. The result? Well … approximately 5 times a day I can go ahead and bring my pteranodons, Quetzals and other dinosaurs closer to my little house.

So … the time has come to branch out and build a new and bigger PvE base. In the past I have been playing with structures that look like an Aztec Pyramid, or South American step pyramid, and I think I will be trying out a modified version of that on this server. The idea is to have a big Aztec Pyramid with 5 or 6 steps. Each of those steps would be it’s own level and could be used for different things. I made a little sketch of the Aztec Pyramid on paper and did the necessary math. The result? Well … first I needed to find a nice open location where I could start the construction of the Aztec Pyramid …

I did find a patch of land not all too far from my starting cabin. Sadly the area isn’t perfectly flat, so I had a few issues when building the 60×60 foundations which make up the contours of the base Aztec Pyramid level. One nice thing about my new area is that there is a small cave pretty close, which I will be using to build my PvP base.

Of course … while laying down the first foundations of my Aztec Pyramid, I got distracted. A nice high level Ankylosaurus was roaming the area, and since I would be spending my time placing foundations, I went ahead and tamed it. After hours of building I finally ran out of Stone Foundations, Stone Walls and Stone Sloped Roofs, so I had to finish the construction for now. It might still not be clear how the Aztec Pyramid will look like, but it will be HUGE, that’s certain!

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