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Let’s Play Modded ARK: Survival Evolved : S1E09 – Lystrosaurus Taming

Well, update 240 dropped on our servers brining us some new dinosaurs. One of them is the Lystrosaurus, and apparently a few of them spawned near my starting hut. Time to get some taming done!

The goal for today was to bring you an update on the Pyramid construction, but … well … I got distracted again. Our server has been updated to version 240, and that patch brought some new dino’s to the game. The new creatures are the Arthropleura, Sabertooth Salmon and Lystrosaurus!

So when I logged in, I wanted to head out and smash some stone in the area to get some resources. I know … not all that interesting, but hey … I will need lots of stone to complete my Pyramid. But once I left my starting cabin, I noticed one of those Lystrosaurus. Upon further investigation two of those Lystrosaurus seemed to be right next to my house. So … guess it’s time to grab sine flowers and go tame the Lystrosaurus.

I ended up taming 5 of them, since they were all pretty close to my house. Next step was of course to check out the XP buff the Lystrosaurus is supposed to give to your other dinosaurs. Well, it is pretty hard to test that perfectly, but from what I have seen there is only a slight difference. The buff seems to be reacting pretty strange as well. Sometimes I have the buff, and a few seconds later … it was gone. I still don’t have a perfect idea how this buff works, but hey … maybe one of you can enlighten me.

Anyway … I had fun taming those Lystrosaurus and experimenting with them, and I hope you will enjoy the video!

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