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Let’s Play Modded ARK: Survival Evolved : S1E11 – Moving to the Aztec Pyramid Base

After hours of collecting the necessary materials and all the building, it is time to reveal and move to the gigantic Aztec Pyramid Base!

Back in Episode 8, I started building my Aztec Pyramid Base. Meanwhile days and plenty of hours, days and weeks have passed. I had to go tame some dinosaurs that could help me collect the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) pieces of wood, thatch and of course all the stone! And we all know how hard it to tame a nice level Doedicurus!

But today I am pretty excited to show you the result of all that gathering and building! Yes, it’s time for the big reveal! Time to show you how the Aztec Pyramid base looks, and I have to say … I’m pretty pleased with the results. Most of the building blocks are of course coming form the Corrected Structures Mod. This mod is really awesome as it lets you pick up incorrectly placed structures without breaking them.

The top level of the step pyramid is completely made out of glass. The components used on this level come from two mods. If I remember it correctly, the walls, ceilings come from the Ark Advance mod, while the stairs and doors are from the Extra ARK mod. Many thanks to the authors of those mods, without them I would never have been able to achieve this build.

In this video I also show you the inside of the building, and you can see the gigantic scale of the building as we move down towards the floor level. Of course, there is no interior decoration yet, and I’m hoping to do that soon.

But hey, the structure is ready, time to bring my dino’s over from my starting hut. God … I’m so happy I no longer have to gather all my dino’s together when a stupid bug decides to attack one of them.

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