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Let’s Play Modded ARK: Survival Evolved : S1E13 – Stargate Atlantis Mod

So, meanwhile on the Last Ark Server, the tribes split up, my Aztec Pyramid is nearly finished. Time to add some things from the Stargate Atlantis Mode to it!

In the future, we will be trying to host some PvP action on the Last Ark Server. And that is why most of us split up into our own tribe. Time to start choosing a name for my tribe. Since I have build myself an Aztec Pyramid Type base, and we have the Stargate Atlantis Mod on our server … why not call the tribe The Ancients? And so it all began …

Talking about the Stargate Atlantis Mod, why not check it out and enjoy some of the things the mod adds to the game. First of all, there is the Stargate itself. Our server already has a few public Stargates which can be used to quickly travel from one place to another on the Valhalla Map. Wouldn’t it be nice if I added a Stargate next to my pyramid as well? It would surely shorten travel time to the Swamps and other parts of the world.

First, we check which engrams we need to learn in order to build a Stargate. Next up, the resources needed for the stargate and of course the ZPM or Zero Point Module. All those things can be crafted inside the Ancient Bench, which is the crafting station for the Stargate Atlantis Mod. Once we placed our Stargate outside the base, we check how we can quickly travel to remote places on the map, and check if we can even carry another dino back home.

Of course the Stargate Atlantis Mod also brings us the teleport rings. Remember the movie or the series? Exactly … those ringie things which allows you to travel up and down from a ship to the earth. Well, in my case I have installed one in the top of my pyramid and one on the bottom floor. As always, I discover new things as I try to explain everything, and not everything goes as smoothly as I expected, but in the end … I did succeed pimping my Aztec Pyramid with the Stargate Atlantis Mod. Curious about the Mod? Then go check it out on the Steam Workshop

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