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Let’s Play Modded ARK: Survival Evolved : S1E05 – Taming a T-Rex

There I was … scouting the area to find a good spot to build my PvE base, when suddenly I spotted a high level T-Rex. Time to grab my stuff and do some terrific T-Rex taming!

I was scouting the Valhalla map in ARK: Survival Evolved searching for a nice flat spot to start building my PvE Aztec Pyramid base. Suddenly in the distance I spotted a huge red coloured T-Rex in the woods. So, there I was, thinking to myself “Well … why not grab my stuff and try to tame it!”

So, I quickly went to my starter base and grabbed some darts, tons of prime meat and the necessary narcotics. Taming a big carnivore was something I had never done before, and that T-Rex did look quite HUGE!

Getting it knocked out took a while, but was actually pretty easy from the back of the Quetzal saddle. The T-Rex even came pretty close to us and stood there for a few, allowing me to easily shoot it between the eyes. Once knocked down, I had to put up some fences to keep the roaming carnivores away from the tame. Having it fenced in allowed me to go back to my base and create some kibble to speed up the taming process. Sadly one of the carnivores broke through my defences and I might have hit my own T-Rex when trying to keep the carnivore away from the tame.

Luckily the T-Rex still tamed out at a really nice level and I spent the rest of the evening levelling it up on carnivore island. The T-Rex ended up at it’s max level of 1159, and with over 150.000 HP and 16.000 melee damage I now have a pretty mean red coloured fighting machine!

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