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Let’s Play Modded ARK: Survival Evolved : S1E06 – Taming a Direbear

So … the update has dropped and everyone has done it’s fair deal of direbear taming. Well … time for me to tame a direbear too!

Most YouTubers and ARK: Survival Evolved players probably have tamed a few direbears by now … And since The Last Ark server is running the latest update too, it’s about time I try to find and tame a direbear too! Time to prepare and grab some food, narcotics, tranq carts, a gun, some meat and of course kibble and start the quest of finding a direbear.

I didn’t really have an idea where I could find the bears on Valhalla though. I heard someone mention that some could be found in the area where the Japanese trees grow, so I took my quest and ventured in that direction. To my surprise I found some bears in the Asian Monkey Temple first. There were at least 2 of them in the temple area. I did go scout the other spot and found 3 of 4 more on the plateau to the west of the Floating Island. All of them were lower level than the one I found at the Monkey Temple, so I went ahead and traveled back to tame that one. In the end I’m pretty impressed with the Direbear. It’s a very good animal that can cover long distances pretty fast, can carry a decent amout of stuff, collects berries, meat and chitin and can even throw in a punch. I think I just found my new favourite ARK animal!

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