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Overwatch gets competitive Play Mode!

Ready to put your Overwatch skills to the ultimate test? Prove your prowess and unlock prestigious new rewards in Competitive Play, an all-new game mode for agents level 25 and over— now live on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4! Keep reading to find out more, then jump into the game to battle solo or with friends!

Overwatch Competitive Mode

Serious Fun

When you kick off your competitive career, your first mission will be to play 10 placement games to determine your Skill Rating—a number from 1 to 100 that lets the world know how you stack up against the competition. Throughout the course of each two-and-a-half-month season, your Skill Rating will go up and down as you claim victory or suffer defeat. The summer season is underway now, and the time is ticking—so head to the battlefield today!

Go for the Gold!

As you compete, you’ll also earn some awesome new cosmetic rewards for your collection. When you win matches, you’ll earn Competitive Points which can be exchanged for Golden Weapons to equip on your favorite heroes. Plus, at the end of each season, everyone who completed 10 placement matches will receive a special seasonal spray and player icon to celebrate their achievement.

Overwatch Competitive Mode

To learn more about Competitive Play—including details on changes to maps, scoring, and game rules to ensure the competition is fair and fun—head to our official blog.


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