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Riders of Icarus: Manastone Battles

Riders of Icarus Logo

In Riders of Icarus, players can always pick a PvP fight in the Exarahn Badlands. With numerous roaming groups of battle-ready Riders, it’s a land of darkness where only the strong survive. Twice a week, players can compete in Manastone Battles, the ultimate test of individual strength and group cohesion, where …

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Riders of Icarus – Blight of Frost Keep Update

Riders of Icarus - Blight of Frost Keep - Logo

The first major update for Riders of Icarus: Blight of Frost Keep is coming next week, bringing with it a level cap increase to 35 and a host of new content, including: Parna’s Coast: Enter the new snow-covered lands of Parna’s Coast to discover new dangers and new mounts as you explore this …

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Valencia Part One coming to Black Desert Online Tomorrow!

Black Desert Online - Valencia Part One Expansion

Black Desert Online receives the major Valencia Part One expansion tomorrow, increasing world size by 30%with a large and treasure-riddled desert area that will require care and preparation to explore. Can you withstand both the harsh conditions and new threats that await in the sands? Valencia Part One Valencia Part One …

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The Adventures of Hjorvik the Valkyrie – S1E02 – Gaining knowledge about the people of Olvia

Lets Talk Gaming - Black Desert Online - Adventures of Hjorvik the Valkyrie - S01E02 - Gaining knowledge about the Olvia villagers and merchants - Site

Yes, it’s time to continue our Black Desert Online adventures and to gain knowledge about the villagers and merchants in and around Olvia. Knowledge is the important! As you adventured in and around Olvia, you quickly found out that Knowledge is very important. Talking and getting to know the villagers and merchants gives you …

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