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Total War: WARHAMMER 360° Launch trailer puts you in the battlefield!

Four years ago, Creative Assembly began with the creation of the ultimate fantasy strategy game. Thanks to a unique combination of award-winning game mechanics from Total War and the amazing depth and complexity of Games Workshops World of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, the press has already been praising Total War: WARHAMMER as one of the best strategy games ever made!

Starting tomorrow, gamers all over the world embark on their own adventure. An epic conquest that is characterised by glorious battles, and with the Old World as a prize. But before you embark in this adventure, you can already experience the front line of magic, monsters and legendary heroes in the stunning 360° interactive launch trailer!

Navigate to the this YouTube Link and do one of the following things :
* Using Chrome, Opera, Firefox or Internet Explorer simple drag your view of the battlefield
* Using the YouTube or Facebook app on your mobile device, you can even use the device itself to change your view and look around
* Pick the YouTube app for VR View and place your smartphone in the Google Cardboard.

The time has come to conquer the world … Total War: WARHAMMER will be avalable tomorow!

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