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Total War: WARHAMMER … Let the battle begin!

Yes … Creative Assembly’s epic fantasy strategy game, Total War: WARHAMMER is now available for Windows PC. Total War: Warhammer is based on the acclaimed Warhammer Fantasy Battle tabletop wargame by Games Workshop. This first part of a new trilogy delivers the magic an mystery of the Old World on a previously unseen scale.


Total War: WARHAMMER brings the franchise for the first time to the high fantasy realm and brings many new rules to the table. Giant monsters, flying creatures, monstrous infantry and wizards with dark and destructive forces come onto the battlefield for large-scale real-time tactical battles. The Grand Campaign map requires devious plans, diplomacy and great skill to to expand and keep your citizens happy. Choose from one of four starting factions and eight legendary heroes, build up your army and crush the enemy.

Will you unite the Greenskin hordes under one flag and tear apart the Old World? Or bundle the Empire under Karl Franz forces to save the kingdom from destruction? Open the ancient Book of grudges of the dwarves to retaliate with devastating cannon fire on old enemies? Or will you revive dead legions with the Vampire Counts, to bring decay and rot everywhere you go? Whatever you decide, the threat of Chaos is felt stronger each turn, sooner or later you have to focus your attention on the dreaded Northern Wastes and a macabre new enemy that threatens to devour the world.

And that’s exactly what awaits you in Total War: WARHAMMER!Want to learn more about the development process behind Total War: WARHAMMER, the be sure to check the new ‘Making of Total War: WARHAMMER‘ video which was released today.

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