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World of Tanks European Championship!

Wargaming announces it’s own European World of Tanks Championship with 3-vs-3 matches and with the Finals to be held at Gamescom on 20 August 2016. You don’t have to be a pro to become a champion – just play your way.

The final four countries will qualify for the semi-finals that will be played in Cologne, Germany, during Gamescom 2016. All the travel costs and expenses will be covered by Wargaming, and aside from playing the tournament in front of hundreds of cheering visitors, the champions will be able to fully enjoy the gamescom experience.

The 3-vs-3 matches will be played with Tier VI tanks in two different game modes (Encounter and Attack/Defence). The competition will be divided into three distinct phases: the national qualifiers, the European qualifiers and the Finals at Gamescom.


  • 1st place: Grand Prize (3 x Alienware systems):
  • 2nd-place: G300S Logitech gaming mouse and G230 Logitech headsets
  • 3rd-4th place: G230 Logitech headsets

Additionally, ten random participants will also be rewarded with J!NX caps.The winners will receive the prizes by mid-September.

At every stage of the competition, your team will secure increasingly alluring in-game rewards, such as premium time, consumables, personal reserves,premium tanks (including the coveted Type 59), and, obviously, mountains of gold!

For more information on European Championship, visit the official website:

To sign up for the European Championship, follow the link:

World of Tanks - European Championship

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